Lent is Heavenly with Mama

mama margies san Antonio Mexican restaurants taco

If you observe Lent, you know that eating meat is a no-go, but that shouldn’t stop you from eating at your favorite restaurant! Mama knows how to cook for you during Lent. Here’s some ideas of how to observe Lent in the most delicious way.

Breakfast to Start Your Day

No need to worry about eliminating meat in your breakfast. Our bean and cheese tacos are delicious and only 99¢. Grab a couple and a hot cup of coffee on your way to school or work. You could switch it up and get some fluffy pancakes, too!

No Soda? No Problem!

Did you give up soda for Lent? Well, never fear – Mama Margie’s sweet tea and lemonade is sweet enough to brighten up your day.

Say “Cheese!” and Smile

Just because you can’t have meat doesn’t mean you can’t have Mexican food! Choose from bean and cheese nachos, cheese enchiladas and cheese quesadillas and many more meat-free plates for dinner or lunch.

Healthy Options Are Always Available

Kicking grease and fried food from the diet or trying to drop a few pounds? Not a problem. From guacamole salad to caldo (which can be ordered without the chicken), Mama has lots of tasty, low-calorie options!

Mama Margie’s menu has just what you need to fulfill your cravings this Lenten season, so what are you waiting for? Come see Mama! Want to learn more about our menu? Look at all the yummy options online.